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Posted by Maxwell Finklewicz on July 9, 2008

It’s difficult to accomplish anything when you don’t have a goal.

I’m trying to set my sights on a number of different things, and I’m finding that the hardest part is establishing a goal. Something to strive for. A target to aim at.

It applies to personal finance: what are my goals? Well, I’ve pretty much decided that I want to get out of debt. Sounds good doesn’t it? It’s easy – we just have to spend less than we earn. It’s taking the steps to do that that’s difficult. So how do I start? Where do I start? Well, starting small seems the prudent choice. We’ve decided that one of our goals is to cut our monthly grocery bill in half. That should be a piece of cake when it seems to balloon to obscene amounts each month. The next goal will be rolling that freed up cash into debt payments.

It applies to starting this blog. I’ve realized that I’ve committed the cardinal sin of blogging and have not maintained a regular posting schedule. My short term goal is to post at least 3 times a week to start, perhaps Monday, Wednesday & Fridays so that as I hopefully gain readers, I can keep them. Then next goal is to work on optimizing my site to maximize exposure to help build readership.

It applies to my waistline: Yes, I’m a bit more along around the middle than I’d like to be. In my zeal to cut my grocery bill, I decided to eat less junk. Not to say that I’ve eliminated it, but cutting out that extra dollar here and there on snacks seems to be helping me maintain healthier eating habits overall. My next step is to start walking on a regular basis, perhaps three days a week, in hopes that I can get back some of my youthful vigor…

Setting goals is my current goal. Little goals to start, and then snowballing them into the bigger ones that I want to accomplish as time progresses. Without an idea of where you’re going there is no place to start.


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