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Zippity Doo Dah Day!

Posted by Maxwell Finklewicz on June 15, 2008

Fathers Day is here, and just in case there was a chance anybody would forget, the newspaper has been packed to the gills with sales fliers from all of the usual suspects declaring, “It’s here! If you love Dad, get him something good! …And remember, we have the best prices for Fathers Day gifts!

Well, I took a look at the calender, wondering when we’d have a break from it all. Next month is Independence Day, and then, August. Wait! Do mine eyes deceive me? Is there no national celebration or marketing extravaganza excuse scheduled? Those poor, poor retailers. Whatever shall they do? There certainly must be something they can do to stimulate sales in the forgotten month in the dog days of summer.

Well, there is the “Just Because Day” on August 27, “Race Your Mouse Day” on August 28, & “More Herbs, Less Salt Day” on August 29 if you’re really searching for an excuse to celebrate. Yes, someone has actually delegated those dates as days of celebration. I’m not sure how marketers, in general, can devise effective sales slogans around “More Herbs, Less Salt Day.” There’s just no ring to it. There’s no significant history behind it, no emotional attachment. And the name certainly doesn’t stop you in your tracks and grab your attention.

So to help out those hapless retailers, and to do my part to help save the faltering economy, I propose that we celebrate a new holiday in August, the new national celebration sensation. Zippity Doo Dah Day. It’s got “zip” in it, it’ll grab people’s attention, and kids especially, will love just saying it.

Retailers rejoice! Another excuse to push out glorious sales fliers chock full of amazing deals & television spots showcasing the best ways to celebrate the stifling heat of the summer. To get those consumers to part with their money perhaps we bill it as the new patriotic holiday. Developed for the sole purpose encouraging spending, they could market the idea that it’s your patriotic duty to keep the economy flowing by buying good junk to fill your spare closet space and empty drawers with. So spend, spend spend!!!


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