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Cat & Mouse Game…

Posted by Max Finkle on May 29, 2008

I just recently began blogging as a way to chronicle my trials and tribulations in my quest to become debt-free. I’m in the infancy of both my blogging and my commitment to my new lifestyle, and honestly never considered that someone else would actually read my blog… Truthfully, I started with a free WordPress blog, so I could cut my chops and learn a thing or two before I considered paying for a host and all that jazz.

So imagine my surprise when I checked in the other day to discover that I had two comments left on one of my posts! I actually caught someone’s attention. Imagine my further surprise when I discovered that both of them were involved in business & marketing!

I pondered why this would be so. I never considered the idea that a marketer would want to follow someone who’s blog title indicates that buying just isn’t his thing. I want to consume less, not more. Then it occurred to me. They want to know what I’m thinking. By reading my work, they don’t have to scratch their heads and wonder. I’m laying it out for them. I’ve made myself easy pickin’s…

As much as I intend to rant and rave at the marketing industry over the life of this blog, marketers can delve into the brains of like-minded folks by reading my work. They want to know what makes me tick, so they can work that into their planning, and figure out how to successfully market to me. Living in this society makes it impossible to avoid consumerism and marketing, so despite my best efforts, I am still confronted with it, and have to adjust to it.

After reading a substantial amount about marketing plans such as the CVS coupon game, I realized that marketers have our number, in those of us dedicated to buying more for less. They’ve figured out how to get their products into our homes by giving us what we want: cheaper costs. Oh, they make us work for it, like making us clip coupons and leaf through sale fliers; playing coupon games can take hours, and I only do it now because I want to practice and perfect so I won’t always spend so much time on it. Then we hop online and broadcast to our friends about how well we did with the latest sales! Bloggers post photos of the products they got cheap, and discuss how they stock up on said items so they never run out of them by following the sales and shrewdly compounding the savings by utilizing store coupons and sales and cash back offers and rebates. (Sorry about the run-on sentence!) I know that when I do particularly well on a shopping trip (read: got lots for cheap!) I get home and brag to the wife. She doesn’t really care how much I spent as long as we got what we need. But, there is a tremendous amount of pride, and satisfaction believing I got a great bargain, and I like to brag. If only the Joneses next door would listen to me, I’d get a lot more satisfaction!

It’s a win-win situation, I guess. The frugal take home more for their dollar, the marketers win because they get their products sold, and they get free advertising as well, what with all those bloggers flaunting their loot in photos along with their posts. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. KNOW YOUR ENEMY!

At least one of commenters indicated that he subscribed to my feed, and after taking a gander at his work, I’m subscribing to his. Not only can I learn a thing or two about marketing, but they offer some good advice on other subjects as well. Perhaps I’ll stumble on some good advice about how to market my blog, while learning how to defend myself against their onslaught!


2 Responses to “Cat & Mouse Game…”

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